APR Powerboat Superleague and the New Martinsville 1/4 mile Records Challenge and Regatta Committee are pleased to announce the APBA sanctioned 1/4 mile record run event on  September 27 and September 28, 2014. Throughout the powerboat racing season, someone somewhere in the nation drives across the finish line in first place- an accomplishment that is never easy and seldom recorded in powerboat history. Now there is a record book opportunity: a group of loyal and enthusiastic race fans have partnered with Powerboat Superleague and are offering the Stock, Mod, Pro, Inboard, OPC, Offshore and Junior Class categories the chance to establish and break the APBA 1/4 mile straightaway record and add to  racing history.  In addition, there will be racing with both tunnel boats and inboard classes over the weekend.

About the Venue

NEW MARTINSVILLE, WV, on the Ohio River with a fresh-water course at an elevation of 623 feet above sea level.

  • A returning focus by the community to their riverfront
  • Home of 86 national and world records
  • Reputation of fast water
  • One of APBA’s historic race venues (first race was held in 1938 and continued through 2003, then returned in 2012 after a nine year absence)
  • Opportunity to showcase the riverfront and highlight new development plans


  • APBA sanctioned and insured using all APBA approved officials and timing equipment
  • APBA approved and certified Powerboat Superleague primary Rescue and Safety Unit and race designed safety boat
  • APBA has recently allowed a new record for most racing categories: 1/4 mile straightaway run
  • Drivers looking for new opportunities to establish records, break them and enter the national record books
  • Qualifies as criteria for Hall of Champions consideration in most categories
  • Open to all APBA members